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Say goodbye to the hassle of swapping tokens one-by-one and enjoy the convenience of managing your portfolio with ease




BNB Chain

DCA Strategy
The first decentralized platform that allows users to automatically follow the smart money and DCA into the same portfolio. First version allows to DCA into a list of tokens with a single click.

Swap on v1
Smart portfolio
Be fully transparent with your community and get rewarded each time someone copies your portfolio. Or follow the portfolios of your favourite influencers.

Coming Soon
Q1 — 2023
  • Release of beta version of DEX on Polygon and Arbitrum
  • Smart contract audits
Q2 — 2023
  • Release of audited version
  • Token public sale
  • DCA into influencers portfolio
  • Rewards for sharing a portfolio
  • Staking incentitives
Q3 — 2023
  • Community incentitives distribution
  • ZK Sync support
  • Binance Smart Chain support
  • Multichain swaps with Layer Zero
Q4 — 2023
  • Non-EVM chains support (Solana, Aptos)
  • Multichain stable pools
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